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Master plaques has been providing world class solid wood products to the U.S. Military, U.S. Government and Police departments since 1991.
They have over 1,000 products and designs to choose from. Their U.S. Government Agency Seals appear in the White House, Camp David,
The F.B.I. and hundreds of government and military institutions. They are the #1 supplier for classic Philippine hand carved Military desk name plates
to military members around the world and military deployment plaques. Their solid mahogany military shadow boxes are widely considered the finest available.
Their products are unique and exciting like this ships wheel shadow box made from solid mahogany. They have a wide variety of products too such as
wooden badge plaques for law enforcement. For military aviators they have Military tail flashes  for award winners and retirees they offer Military award plaques
for all branches of the military they offer solid mahogany military seals and emblems. They also sell
High Density Urethane (HDU) seal and emblem plaques for displaying indoor or outdoors.

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Military flight suit name tags are available at! We inventory
embroidered leather flight badges for all branches of the military. Visit the page for your branch below:

Air Force flight suit name tags

Army flight suit name tags

Marine Corps flight suit name tags

Coast Guard flight suit name tags

Navy flight suit name tags 

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If you work in Federal Law Enforcement as an 1811 (Criminal Investigator) Special Agent or want information about the different 1811 positions in the Federal Government you should check out the Special Agents Blog at . They have a great list of agency profiles for many of the different agencies out there along with historical information and recommended products for people in the 1811 career field.

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After shopping here please visit  Military history is long and arduous, researching military history and its accoutrements doesn't have to be. Milsurpia wasn’t born out of a desire to sell a product. Milsurpia’s product is information and information should be free. Feel free to peruse the site and find museums, articles, and groups to help you on your quest for knowledge. There are plenty of naval, aviation, and military history museums across the United States where history comes alive.

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